Looking for keyboard recommendation (backlit with KVM)

Mar 31, 2020
I currently have a Logitech G810. Unfortunately, I need to set up a KVM to switch between my work and home computer, and since the G810 doesn't store lighting profiles, I appear to be out of luck.
Worse, the engineers thought it would be great to have the default state of the keyboard be a psychedelic animated wave pattern, which is super annoying.

Looking for:
Backlit keyboard that will work with KVM
Prefer ability to store lighting profile, and assign per-key color groups (lighting "zones")
Don't like light bleeding around the keys, prefer light only under each key

I've also had a few different keys have either the R, G or B component burn out, so the color isn't accurate on those keys anymore. Don't know if other manufacturers have this same problem or not.