Looking for advice on building a cluster.


Limp Gawd
Oct 19, 2015
I have two servers that are completely full. Continuing to fill up individual servers seems like it will be problematic going forward so I want to consolidate my data into one pool as well as allow for plenty of room for future storage.

My setup so far is FreeNAS running on separate servers so that is where my technical abilities are at. I am thinking about building a cluster using Ceph or Solaris Cluster but I don't know where to start. I was told that Proxmox is good and supports Ceph but I was also told that Ceph loses 66.66% of raw space which is unacceptable

I am hoping there is an easy to install and setup with a GUI like FreeNAS option for storage clusters that will let me add drives to a node or add entire nodes anytime and have those the drives/nodes automatically added to the pool and the data redistributed evenly across the drives/nodes with an efficiency equal to RAIDZ3.


Dec 5, 2010
There is
- a pure Cluster filesystem like Ceph
- a Cluster (Active/Passive) to failover a local Pool and storage services services on ZFS (Cluster in a box)
For ZFS (this is a local filesystem not a Cluster filesystem) the leading system is RSF-1 with multiple nodes where each can offer a Pool and services (Active/Active) or a Active/Passive (Standby) system that massively reduce complexity and costs, ex my approach, see http://www.napp-it.org/doc/downloads/z-raid.pdf
- special vendor systems like Oracle Cluster
- service cluster ex webserver on top of any storage/ SAN solution ex PaceMaker