Looking for a large mouse for palm grip


Dec 24, 2017
Hey all.

I have large hands and am I'm looking for a really large & wide mouse (90mm+ wide would be good) to use with palm grip that also requires firm button presses. I also need two buttons on the left side for back/forward in browsers.

I'm currently using the Logitech G403 which has a width of 68mm and I find it way too small all around. It leaves my two smallest fingers trailing on the mouse mat which drives me crazy. I also find all the buttons way too easy to press which leads to a lot of accidental clicks.

Before this I had a Roccat Kone EMP which was a little wider, but still a bit small and had other issues. Before that I had a Logitech G5 which had really nice, firm buttons and a good shape, though again, it wasn't quite big enough for my hands, but it's still the best mouse I've used.

I'd like something that performs well but it doesn't need to have some cool gaming look or anything. I just care about function. Not keen on wireless either as I'd prefer not to have to keep swapping out and charging batteries.

Thanks for your help!
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Not sure about that G.Skill one as I think really it's only 70mm wide. You can add the grips on to make it wider, but the position of them means my finger tips will still be left trailing on the desk.

That Corsair one looks better though. Again, the extra width looks like it's only because of the bits that stick out from the sides at the bottom, but due to their location, they might help keep my fingers off the desk a bit better. Then again, this guy who looks a fair bit smaller than me is saying it leaves his finger trailing on the desk which definitely puts me off .

Thanks for the suggestions though!
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I've been considering the Corsair Dark Core because it's big and has an optional pinky rest that actually looks like it would hold my two fingers that always drag. I almost grabbed one last time I was in Best Buy but they didn't have a floor model to check the fit and my G602 is still working fine.
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Thanks for the suggestion. That Corsair Dark Core does look interesting with the side grips that should help with the finger dragging issue. But I did manage to find some measurements for it on Scan and they say 89.2 x 43.2 x 126.8 mm (WxHxD). I'm guessing the measurement of width is based on the lower side section that sticks out which would really mean it's just about the same size as the little G403 I already have (124mm x 68mm x 43mm). It's a shame there's nowhere near me where I can go and try these things :( Please let me know the measurements if you do get to try one!

I'm starting to consider one of those vertical mice as they usually seem to have a nice chunky section off to the right side of the two main buttons for your two small fingers to rest. I'm not seeing that on any other type of design so far. Being a palm gripper sucks lol...
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Still looking for something if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestions again :)

I gave them all a quick look and some of them seem like they could be alright (mostly that first one & the Naos 7000 which I ended up finding) so I've added them to my list of ones to research further. Not sure about that last one though haha :p