long vga/audio cable and mirroring screen


Jun 12, 2001
Hey guys. I am working on a computer and the guy wants to be able to hook it up to his new Sony 1080P LCD. The LCD has a VGA connection on the back, but we would have to use a 50' cable. Also, he wants to be able to have an exact mirror of his monitor on TV, so the same thing happens both places.

ANy suggestions on the best way to go about this?

I have been thinking about just running a 50' VGA and a 50' composite audio cable around the room and then hooking it in to the other port on his vid card.

Is it possible to just set the video card up to produce the same signal from both outputs?

I have never tried that.

I would appreciate any ideas on this one as the one-man brainstorm is not getting as far as I'd hoped as fast.

note: I have also looked at wireless and CAT5 VGA extenders but I am a little dubious about the quality. I have a feeling that this TV will be very clear about bad quality.