Logitech MX Ergo Plus trackball - excellent purchase and upgrade form M570!

Aug 21, 2009
I have had the M570 basically since the day it came out and have a few of them (for diff machines) and before that I had the older wireless model and then the USB model, so I've had all the products from this line since about 2000, and I love them and they've all gotten better.

I did find that the Ergo Plus is only available at Best Buy and is the same price as the regular model elsewhere and I have to say that it is WELL worth it!!! The change in angle isn't huge but it makes such a difference, especially if sitting back and holding the trackball on your lap or stomach, the angle make it so much more comfortable, especailly if you have any wrist, elbow or shoulder problems.

The ball is very smooth and I was told the grey ball wasn't as smooth but I found it was much nicer. Maybe my M570 had just been warn down from ~12 years of use.

What I like most about the improvements is the sideway scroll! FINALLY!!!!! So many web browser's and other programs hide the bottom scroll bar automatically or it's hidden under the task bar. Now just push the scroll wheel right or left and it scrolls perfectly!

I plugged it into my linux machine (Kubuntu 16.04) and it worked right away and there was nothing i had to install or do. I think it uses the same drivers as the M570 so the Linux driver suite that works for all the MX products will work for this, so that is GREAT! I haven't tied this on Windows yet, but I'm sure it will be fine.

The only complaint is the position of the forward/back buttons as they have slid those back slightly, maybe 1/2 a cm (~1/8"),and it makes it more difficult to use, especially the back button bc its the one back the farthest. The buttons also arn't contoured like the older one, which again, I liked the older model shape better - but overall those are small issues for how comfortable the new model is (and the sideways scroll!).

I'd also suggest if anyone has an M570 that isn't working, take it apart and you will probably be disgusted at what you find inside it from dust, hair, etc. I took the circuit board off, cleaned mine (toothbrush under hot water), allowed to dry for ~ 5 hours (after wiping off with paper towel - it was basically dry before air drying 5 hours), put back together and it was like new! So it's worth a try and you then have a backup for your new one if anything happens.

Also, if you have most any Logitech keyboard, you can wash them in the sink if you take the batteries out. I'd take the keys off and remove back screws, but everything is waterproof as long as you allow it to dry before using it again. They will be like brand new.