Logitech MW3 Keyboard and Mouse

That screams "buy more stuff you do not need because it has all the fluff you're hyped about".

The best players will not be using these products...just a heads up ;)
I'm not buying it. But I think its cool for two reasons:

Not as expensive as a mechanical, and I have ALWAYS LOVED the feel of the type on the G series KB's I've used, including my current G510 (which I did not pay for, and would have bought the 110)

And it's a novelty thing. I'm a collector, and I know a lot of them who would buy it just for that reason. My buddy at home has almost all the game-branded kb's and mice that have been produced in the past 10 years. Razer, Steelseries, Logitech, Etc. I understand why. I collect playing cards. =)