Logitech G5?

I just got it a few days ago and I like it a lot so far. Really comfortable and sensitive. Well my last mouse was an old Microsoft Intellimouse. It's like night and day.
Hmm. I hadn't seen the copperhead, either. I guess I'm slacking.

I'll read the detailed specs on both this evening, but right off the bat I see two advantages the Logitech has:

1. It's about 25 bucks cheaper.

2. You can actually buy one
My opinion is if you have the MX510 or the MX518... stick with those... if you don't.. you may want to go with the MX518 if you can grab one for under $30.. If not go for the $55 dollar special on the G5 at Buy.com while you can...


MX510 and MX518 are almost identical. I do like the switch button dpi settings that the MX518 and that's what made me switch. The G5 is all fine and dandy with the new laser system like the MX1000, but do you really need weights? I mean.. cmon! PLUS, it has one less thumb button on it, so no more scrolling forward and backward on webpages like you can with the MX518 or MX510 with your thumb. You can however "tilt" the mousewheel left and right....

I don't know... I just don't think the upgrade justifies. Only if you are coming from something crappy. PC Gamer highly recommended it though over the competitor's mice.

Good luck! And remember... you can always go to the store and try to see how it fits in your hand before you order from some place online for cheaper!
Wally said:
another one? I'll make it short; Razer Copperhead

I agree with u, I used the razor at quakecon and I love it, THE ONLY reason that will make me buy the logitech is the price, I cant see spending 80 for it. but I have been logitech for YEARS now so I want to switch but the price is a killer.
things i love about my g5...

1) braided sleeve instead of your standard mousecord, really built to take up the punishment.

2) adjust sensitivity on the fly w/o any software running in the background. its all in the rom of the mouse.

3) adjustable weights rule and work well.

4) available now and only cost me about 50 bucks w/ a buy.com coupon

5) really good feel in my hand, good shape for a right hander
emailthatguy said:
2) adjust sensitivity on the fly w/o any software running in the background. its all in the rom of the mouse.

Don't forget the MX518 has this feature as well.
well whats better? G5 or the mx 1000? thinking about replacing my mx500 that i've had for many years, and has served me very well. thanks.
G5 can take advantage of all the USB bandwith (first mouse to do so? could be wrong)

wireless mice still have "lag" it maybe very little to notice but its there.........id like to get the G-7 but i cant justify 100 dollars for a mouse.......just wont happen.....

i just made a trade with a [H] to get a g-5, i myself would have rather goten the mx518 cause of the 2 thumb buttons, but this works out all the better in the end :)

Is it worth it to go from a MX-510 to a G5? One of the things I don't like about the G5 is there is no thumb buttons.
I went from a Diamondback to a G5 and IMO the diamondback has better ergonomics. With the G5s larger shape it feels harder to control the mouse @ full dpi. With the improved side buttons and the extra 500hz over the G5 if you have the cash I'd suggest getting a Copperhead over a G5. Much of this isn't noticible so basically its pick whatever feels better.
I pre ordered the g7. When the hell does it come out? I guess the g5 is out but not the g7.