Linux GPU2 folding Info


Feb 28, 2007
I need some information from the people I trust concerning folding and computers and of course, they are my fellow [H]orde members. :p

ATM I have 2x Q6600's GPU2'ing with WinXP w/SP3 (8800gs, 8800gt) and WCG'n with the CPU's. With the price of the 8800gs and Q6600's so low I've been very tempted to score a "umber cheapo" 8800gs and also a cheap Q6600 + mobo combo. I've seen Q6600's + ECS mobos for less than $200 and ATM Fry's has a Q8200 + ECS mobo for $199.99..I can't say as I want a 8200 (7 multi and only 4 MB's cache), but I've heard they OC' like "raped apes". :D

ATM I also have a E6600 24/7 folding boxen, folding with the LinSMP client under Ubuntu 64 v8.04. The mobo has an open PCIe slot (well not exactly open, but the card it has is very removable, ATM it has a 6200 something in it) and I'd like to give the Linux GPU2'ing a try. I'd like to see what a dual core CPU would generate ppd wise using just the GPU2 client and with a GPU2 client and a straight client. (ie temps, loads, etc). I already have a third retail copy of WinXP, but I don't want to give up my Ubuntu 64 v8.04 and the LinSMP client. IMHO you can't beat the ppd folding in LinSMP vs WinSMP even with the Affinity deal. (especially with the A2 WU's)

Sorry about the "long winded" post. :rolleyes: Has anyone tried the Shellnut2 Inc. work around for using the GPU2 Windows client with Linux using Wine and a bunch of other stuff (ie linking files, DL'ing special files for Wine, etc) :confused:

I'd really appreciate any and all information. (ie is the deal for real, would you recommend it, would it be much smarter to just wait for a Linux GPU client, is it worth the hassle for someone not schooled in IT, etc) Thanks in advance. :)

Foldin' and WCG'n for a CURE