Linksys Unveils iPhone

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Dec 31, 1969
The iPhone is finally here! Too bad it isn’t the rumored phone / music player from Apple but instead it is a VoIP phone from Linksys.

"In our industry, naming the thing is almost as hard as creating the technology," he said. "It's pretty clear it's not going to be called 'iPhone.' But Apple's still pretty clever. They still could be very creative."
Easy, they already started transitioning away from the 'i' factor with their hardware, Mac book, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro. Macphone. Done.

I think it will flop though unless they come up with some genious PDA type software and make a PC Software suite to go with it. Doesn't seem to me to be a huge demand for music phones, i think they need to go in deep with a 'Smart' Phone to inject into business similar to their 'switch' campaign.