Limited space.. thinking about SSF system


Feb 19, 2004
ok.. so i'm gonna build a second rig. I was thinking of a getting a SSF.. but do they take ATX mobo's? also, Can i find one for cheap? I couldn't find any one newegg.. if someone can point me to some good cheap SSF cases, i would appreciate it much..

SFF systems have the motherboards installed already, and an ATX motherboard would be far too big.

Next time you're on newegg, go to Browse by Category and look under Barebones Systems. SFF systems can sometimes cost less than $150, or go higher than $400, depending on how much the manufacturer packs in.
I just bought a SK41G for my brother, part of a combo that came with a 2200+ processor for $229 from Fry's. They can be inexpensive. The MSI I have seen for around $150 but without a processor... and the IWill XP4 I have seen with a celeron for under $200