LG43UD79 huge lag


Feb 13, 2020
Hey guys,

I would like say big thank you for great insights here . This forum is reason I chose LG43UD79 !

So I have LG43UD79 3840x2160 with two DEL 27" 2560x1440.

I got pretty big lag(like 2-3-4 seconds) when I'm on fullscreen and browsing. GPU is between 15% and 40% range, but for some second it could spike up to 75%!
This is with 3 browsers opened and 20 sites on them. No other applicaton or program is running.

If I screen split LG on 4 and browsing on just one quarter of the desktop everything seems to work smoothly for some time, but when I fullscreen or start more browsers lag is happened again.

Not sure if my PC configuration is important here but it's pretty good except video card. I was running lots of processes when I was only using two 27" 2560x1440 and never had any lag.

I'm with GeForce GTX 660.
I'm using LG with Display Port

Is there a chance to know if this is 100% because of video card?

Could you help me what could be the problem and solution?