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Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by ep0x73, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. ep0x73

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    Sep 5, 2013
    Anybody here have the new LG gram?
    The base model comes with one m.2 SSD, there is a second slot and one of the slots can do pcie x4, or so a reviewer stated but not 100% positive.
    I want to say since the OEM Samsung is only SATA the 2nd slot is the pcie x4 so you have a choice, you can install a larter drive and then clone over.
    Any confirm?
    I wrote LG, still waiting a reply.
  2. mlg

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    Aug 17, 2018
    I just purchased the LG Gram 14" 2018 with touch screen, 512 ssd and 8 GB of ram. I too want to fill the second SSD slot and would much prefer to get something faster than another SATA. I think we read the same comment made by a seller on Amazon where he said it would recognize a SATA or an NVME. Have you tried either one? If it worked how did you transfer your data?

    I read two posts from users who said they filled the second sodimm slot with one 16GB bringing the total memory to 24 GB. I just tried it with a Crucial Sodimm. It worked for a few days. Then, during a Windows update the laptop went catatonic. I got one blue screen after another citing different problems, it said it couldn't access my password...etc. Brought it to the Microsoft Store and after a day of watching it, they suggested the 16GB additional memory was not compatible and it runs fine on the original 8. I'm returning it to Amazon and trying an 8GB specifically recommended by the Microsoft techs.

    Have you upgraded your ram? What have you put in the second slot?