LED Lights Causing Traffic Problems in Winnipeg

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    And as just a citizen like most of us, I really hate that cheapest model. Usually ends up the most expensive as they have to fix the garbage they install. I really don't give two flying fucks that they go the cheapest option, I'd rather tax dollars be spent on the right solution to begin with. The cheapest option is usually also the most corrupt option, giving the tenders to mates and family.

    And yea, we nationalised to led signals almost 2 decades ago, but then again we don't have to worry about snow here for the most part. The best thing about led is you can still see them when you have the sun in your face, or the sun is shining right on them.

    They could install some small computers running block chains to heat them up. :D
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    Feb 8, 2016
    I used to work for an industrial supply company here in Winnipeg years ago, I bid on a lot of city of Winnipeg stuff. One year the guys that wrote the bid requests on the type of stuff we supplied had a heart attack. I felt for him and wished him well... but for almost a year his replacement did an actual great job. His bids where precise and he often would do his own research and specify 3-4 products as approved, and add a little * asking to submit other potential options by an earlier date so his office could review and decide if the product quoted would be suitable. When long time staff member got better the big bosses pretty much rushed him back to his desk... they hated that the new guy was paying to much. It all came down to who's budget was getting dinged. Having known those guys a little bit they as much as told me they would rather save 10% and be under budget... as repairs and higher upkeep didn't come out of THEIR budget, so it wasn't their problem.

    I'm sure it works the same in most major cities... but after seeing how those guys run things, having to drive construction obstacle courses in November (which means snow and some of the worst ice of the year) burns your ass in a new way. Seeing that they procured light figures intended for Texas... is hardly shocking to anyone here that knows how things work (or don't).
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    Murphy invoked.
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    That is actually what the driver's manual says here too.
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    beat me too it, bus driver barrels through intersection of unknown status with kids on board... what can go wrong.
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    Go old school, have a red or green semaphore signal like they do with trains
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    Jan 29, 2015
    Agreed, the source of this issue in my eyes:

    The OPP doesn't crack down on these things. Maybe they don't have time, maybe they don't have enough manpower to do it. We have rules of the road. *I* expect everyone to follow the same rules, but they're not enforced so now we have what we have today.
    Some people know and abide by the rules, it seems most could give a rats ass and drive how they want with not a care in the world.

    ONLY when the cops start to give out tickets, will this get fixed.
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    Just get bikini babes to hold up colored signs. What could go wrong?
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