Learning REST and creating a reverse proxy with NGINX


Jan 20, 2016
So I just started a internship and I have a project I need to do. Most of this is new to me so I am looking for some youtube or website tutorials and if there exist some examples of what I am trying to do.

Create a tool that tracks API service status
-Query and HTTP Call via rest. Receive and HTTP response code.

So I am supposed to create a tool that tracks API service status. I need to query a HTTP call via rest and get the response code.

My manager told me I need to learn 3 things that will help me with this.

1. I need to learn REST.
2. I should try and create a reverse proxy of NGINX(I need to learn NGINX)
3. I should find an OPEN API and try to connect to it.

I am still fairly new to software programming. If anyone can provide me with some you tube videos with examples of doing this or tutorials on learning how to do these steps I would appreciate it.


[H]F Junkie
Oct 11, 2003
Not sure what your languages / frameworks are, but I have had a couple tabs in my browser on this topic because I need to make an API one day at work for serving up some of our resources.

I really like Miguel's other work, so I looked if he had an article on API's, and he did:

and then I saw this one in the Python newsletter:

I realize these are from the "design an API" standpoint, but maybe knowing that side a bit more will help? I know Miguel's starts with a brief into to REST