Leap V2 - Cylinder - Did I destroy the chair?


Feb 10, 2018
I have a question about my Leap V2, 2014. I am (was) trying to replace the gas cylinder. The place I bought it from said it was a compression fit and I followed the instructions on removing the old cylinder. To make a very long story short, the piston kept going around and around and wouldn't come off.

I took the seat off, and it turns out the cylinder is the chair has a tap for it to go in. The cylinder just turns very easily and doesn't seem to have any attachment.

Is the part of the chair the cylinder attaches to, built into the chair? What I am asking is whether you can just pound on it like a compression fitting?

Am a I toast?

Thanks in Advance.



Jun 13, 2006
If memory serves, the cylinder comes out of the bottom, and removing the seat pan isn't required. I tried for a week to get one out to make the chair a little smaller for shipment to a friend a few years ago. I even tried using a pipe wrench. A friend who is a lot less technical and more prone to brute force took and look and yanked it off on his first try to my amazement (using the pipe wrench), in one swift motion. It's not threaded or anything, so you just turn and pull it out at the same time. Apologies I can't provide any detailed advice, aside from knowing the cylinder does come out from the bottom and aside from the base/wheels there aren't screws or any other retention mechanism that specifically hold the cylinder in place.
I hope this helps.
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