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Sep 20, 2007
I was wondering what would be the best choice for a lcd monitor from wallmart, I know it is a crappy choice to get one from there. But I have a $200 gift card and was wondering if any of the ones listed on their web site would be worth getting for a gaming computer?

So I would like to know if any of them that are shown are any good? Looking for a 20" at around $ 200 price range.


So here are some of my choices: from walmart
Acer P201Wd 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor, Acer X223W 22" Wide monitor,
Acer X233Hbid 23" Wide LCD Monitor, HP NK571A8#ABA Promo LE2201w Widescreen, NEC 17" LCD Monitor AccuSync Business Series, LCD73VX
Viewsonic VA926 Value Series LCD Monitor,Compaq Q2159 21.5" Diagonal Widescreen LCD Monitor, Samsung 2033SW 20" Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor
Samsung 2033SW 20" Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor

If none of the ones listed are not any good what would be a good one for gaming at around $200 from newegg?
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Limp Gawd
Mar 16, 2005
2209WA from Dell. Everything else is inferior for a gaming computer.

I have had a 22" Acer for year which I used to game on before I bought my Hanspree 28". It was fine for gaming. Honestly, unless you're super picky or a professional gamer I think any one of those monitors will work just fine.


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Sep 9, 2005
2209WA from Dell. Everything else is inferior for a gaming computer.

This made me laugh.

Just because it has an IPS panel doesn't mean its the best for gaming. Sorry but viewing angles doesn't = better gaming monitor. I don't sit on my ceiling and game on my computer, I don't sit on the floor from across the room and game on my computer. Just because I can see the screen clearly from any angle, including from behind the monitor, doesn't mean its an automatic buy.

Plus the OP stated that they have a $200 gift card to Wal-Mart. Last time I checked you couldn't buy a Dell 2209WA from Wally World.

Back to the OP, I'd go with the Acer X233Hbid.