LCD Burn in Question


Limp Gawd
Dec 14, 2003
It seems there are a few different opinions on the Internet in regard to LCD burn in. If you follow the first provided link then I am led to believe that LCD's are not very prone to burn in. vs lcd displays.html (Good PLASMA vs LCD article)

On the contrary I found this link

The information at the second link states burn in is a factor.

My Question is longwinded, If burn in is a factor in a LCD would it not be better to use a solid white screen for a screensaver? From what I have read in the first link, for an LCD to display Black, all the pixels/crystals would have to be powered up, blocking the backlight. So if the screen is white then all pixels/crystal are all in an "off" state. Then they should not burn in or get stuck on. I know the best thing to do is have monitor go to standby turning of the backlight, but are the crystals powered down in standby? Whats best a black screensaver or a white one.
Sorry for the rambling, I just want to extend the life of my LCD as much as possible. Thoughts or opinions anyone?:)