Laptop HDD overheating?


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 6, 2005
My girlfriend has a Sager NP7330 (Core i7 4700MQ GTX 765M). I noticed it was underperforming in a lot of games. My laptop (Core i5 3210M GTX 660M) normally gets smoked by hers... but recently hers got slower. It got really bad in certain games, so I took a look.

I do want to note that she dropped it recently. It knocked off a little piece of the body on one corner... it did complain about a corrupted sector of the harddrive and asked her to run disk cleanup. After doing so, everything seemed fine.

Anyway, I did the normal troubleshooting with Optimus (made sure it was running the GTX 765 instead of the HD 4000), updated drivers, etc. In Afterburner, I kept noticing that the GPU never got above 42 C and would only use 40-75% of the GPU. It just wasn't being utilized. On top of the poor framerates, she was getting really long load times and general spiky/stuttery performance.

I then noticed that the HDD was running at 55-57 C. This seemed high... here's a screenshot of the SMART data. Seems bad though for the spin up time and seek error rate. My theory is that aside from any damage to the drive, it's overheating - so the laptop is throttling the other components to prevent further heat in the body. I'd rather not go replacing any harddrives until I'm sure that's the problem though. Not as familiar with harddisks... but what would cause it to suddenly start heating up so much?



Jun 21, 2012
Higher temperatures can cause higher failure rates with HDD's. But I couldn't say that that's what's causing the issue here. If the HDD is getting that hot (don't suppose you have temperature numbers from when it was functioning 'normally'?), I'm sure there are temperature issues with the rest of the components/chassis. Do you have a laptop cooler pad (with fans) you could put the laptop on while in use? Or elevate it off the surface and have a fan blowing around it? In case it's not getting good cool air? Perhaps there is also dust in the cooling intake or exhaust?

What temp does the CPU/GPU get to during these situations?