Lack of glossy gsync and other gaming monitors


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Nov 2, 2010
Well their response what somewhat open...

whatever if they don't offer a glossy I'm just not buying Acer... might have to wait how ever long it takes samsung to make another high hz glossy.


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Jan 18, 2012
So, according to their market research users prefer the matte coating. But this doesn't really correlate with the reality if you look at the tv's, imacs, laptops and tablets all are glossy and also being used for prolonged sessions and people are totally alright with it.

Either the pc gaming monitor market is a really small niche with it's own preferences deviating completely from the other display markets or the information they gathered is just false and misleading.

I don't believe an uneducated gamer would be bothered with some reflections, just like everyone accepted the glossy screens for tv's there wouldn't be any outcry introducing glossy monitors with decent low reflective dark plastic coatings or PDC.

They could also take advantage of it and advertise the glossy monitors as having much better perceived contrast ratio/blacks compared to a matte screen and this wouldn't be a false advertisement. It's the cheapest way to improve the pq. But they just don't want to take any risks it seems to be.

In my opinion another major issue with the monitors that should be exposed and forwarded to the monitor companies is the factory calibration. Even with the monitors that are advertised as factory calibrated it's a big problem, just look at the dell ultrasharp reviews on tftcentral and and then compare the factory reports they put into boxes with the actual measurements, they just don't correspond with each other, not even close with the gamma ranging from 2.1 to 2.4 and color temp deviating by 300k. If these monitors were actually factory calibrated the readings would be uniform across all units and similar to the profiling results made by the reviewers. Take for example the samsung s27b970, just like the dells it came with the factory calibration report in a box, but according to the reviewers these reports were just copy-pasted, which is simply incredible, considering the price they asked for it.

None of these monitors are factory calibrated contrary to what they want you to believe, they use the same color profile for the same batch/model. If they did actual factory calibration the deviations would be minimal.

The sad thing is, performing an actual factory calibration would result in a much higher production costs and times, simply because they would have to add a man with a colorimeter at the end of each assembly line or somewhere inbetween.

But this is also so incredibly important because 98% of pc games reset your gpu lut to default upon entering the fullscreen mode and with the consoles you are pretty much fucked if have a monitor with crappy factory settings.
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Jul 8, 2014
Rumor has it that acer is discontinuing particular gsync models like the XB270HU due to issues so might be in process of making new models.
Might be good time to get this ball rolling again to get them to acknowledge not everyone wants matte screens just click link in OP and let them know. Even if you already said something just make new accounts/username