Kaby Lake 7600K, delidding, OC'ing whoot (with pics)

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    Apr 25, 2016
    mobo is an Asus Maximus Formula VIII

    before I start improving on cooling I wanted to do an apples to apples testing on temps
    what the result of delidding would be under the same circumstances

    the air cooler is going to be replaced for a Kraken X62 in 2 weeks

    I went with Phoya LM, instead of liquid ultra pro
    no idea why exactly when I think of it now
    I have them both
    personally Liquid Metal handles better at first, but Phobya's seems nicer once you know its kinks
    its hard to describe
    its like a bit magnetic, or it doesn't want to go into the brush
    and handles like it

    of course its not magnetic, but its cohesion and adhesion just work strange that way

    its a bit like trying to "paint" a drop of oil over an area of water :artist:


    I've bought my 7600K from Ebay, and it was delivered in the first week of January

    put the latest stable UEFI on my board, installed the i5, put some Phobya LM on


    but damn that stuff handles like :banghead:, well you have to get used to it, after I applied it now a few times it gets way easier

    and was greeted by a normal boot screen.

    Went straight in, set multiplier to 45 and left everything else on auto.

    Booted without problems, everything looks good.

    Opening CPU-Z (its the latest)
    mmm, clocks only at 4Ghz.

    Checking Power settings; set at 100%.

    Lots of back and forth and trying.
    Trying for maybe 3 hours of all kinds of different settings that all have to do with the speed of the CPU
    Speedstep, C1 states, Asus multicore enhancement, you name it.

    Boosted to only 4Ghz.
    Then I noticed, when 1 core is being pushed, it boosts to 4.2Ghz.

    Sooo it runs stock:confused:

    More searching and I found that the latest stable UEFI release for all Asus boards (2202) lets you run Kaby Lake, but full support comes later.

    Kyle said I could trust Asus Beta UEFI.
    so that's what I did, upgraded to the latest Beta UEFI.

    And voila, everything works like a charm

    Now onto the actual interesting parts :ROFLMAO:

    Like I said its an air cooler, specifically an ARCTIC Freezer XTREME Rev. 2 .

    Now it seems to be doing its job well enough, the clocks and voltages are nothing to scoff at.

    That being said, its base is kinda rough as seen here.


    my i5 performed so well in Prime and RealBench that I went immediately higher
    to a multi of 50
    setting voltages at 1.3v

    after a while of testing
    5.1 Ghz, and setting the voltage to 1.35v (although as can be seen, my boards puts a bit voltage on top)

    I let Asus RealBench run for 4 hours
    88 degrees, mmm


    well not the worst, considering its under air, methinks

    so a day later I got the delidding tool


    I scraped of the glue with an old credit card

    no idea why picload turned this picture upside down, funny note, if I flip it myself and upload it, it stays like in this picture

    that liquid metal sure handles :ROFLMAO:
    there's a small smudge next to the die; on 4 golden contacts, the only spots under the IHS that a contact with the liquid metal might be quite problematic
    I put some of the original TIM from the IHS on those contacts

    I put a bit of silicon on the bottom of the IHS;
    made it as thin as I could make it, and put everything back together.

    first shock

    the side of the tool for gluing back the 2 halves doesn't fit :banghead:
    fits for older models

    hint ;)
    it was good I left just the tiniest of leftover from the old glue, so I had a bearing/marking where to put the IHS back again
    if the tool would have fit, it wouldn't have mattered

    soo, err
    put a small piece of paper on top, a very even flat piece of metal (something from work) just to kinda cure the silicon for a few

    heart pounding :D

    put the CPU into the socket
    put the small retention frame or what its called on it (came with the mobo; to "help" installation of the CPU, but it also lends a bit stability in holding the IHS in place)
    the latches came down nice on the IHS

    liquid metal on, arctic freezer on


    everything booted up nicely (well the board said new CPU installed, but the settings where all the same)

    so after a while of calming down :rolleyes:

    I ran Asus RealBench again
    for 8 hours
    everything is left the same
    voltages, cooler, fan speeds, timings, everything
    even tried to get the same ambient temperature


    looks like I got the temps down by 21 degrees (highest temp on 1 core was 88, now its 67)

    so its actually come down quite a notch

    makes me happy to have done it :D

    next I'd like to see how far I can actually push
    especially once my AiO arrives

    hint :ninja:
    am trying with 5.2 Ghz and voltage set to 1.38, which by board pushes to a beefy 1.424v
    seems a bit high, especially on air

    but we'll see

    will update this thread when I have new stuff to report
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    Jan 5, 2016
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    Aug 25, 2012
    If your board is pushing more voltage than being set. It could need the LLC needing adjustment in the bios.
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    yup try lowering the llc a bit. and you might want to hold of going over 1.35v until you get your aio. that is ALOT of voltage on air!
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    Apr 25, 2016
    I've reverted to "only" 5ghz with 1.35v for now
    As temps spike higher (well obviously)

    I'm gonna tweak the llc (and other settings, hell i left everything else basically on auto until then) once I have my AiO
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    Oct 7, 2000
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    May 30, 2006
    Wow that is a huge temp drop in my opinion... makes me want to de lid my cpu. What are they using for factory thermal compound, insulation?
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    Dec 8, 2012
    I would love to de-lid my cpu, but im between jobs currently and I don't want to risk screwing up my 6800k. Instead of de-lidding my next step will be to replace my aio with a custom loop for my cpu and gpus. I been overclocking alot lately and i got my chip up to 4.4ghz stable, after a bit of tweaking. I first had the voltage running at 1.4 but after i set my memory to 2666 with xmp i had to take the voltage down a bit because the temps rose a whole lot. Im guessing it was because.... the cache ratio clocked up from 28 to 31? Any how the temps were good before at 4.4ghz 1.4v, well they were acceptable under 100% on prime95 at 86*C max. but after xmp they were hitting 96*C and that was a too high for me so for now im just running at a stable 4.0ghz. So I'm thinking if i had a better loop i could run my chip at 1.4v (had the 4.4ghz oc stable for awhile running with 1.35v but it crashed after 3 hours of Prime95 with a max temp of 82*C throughout the run.
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    Apr 25, 2016
    6800k :LOL:

    I think you're drop in Temps would be rather high as well
    taking care of 6 cores is more tough then 4

    mmm there might be a bit of an improvement depending on which Thermal paste you're using

    however were talking about maybe 5 degrees here, assuming best to somewhere in the middle

    the delidding tool from OCUK that Kyle is using is the same I had
    for my kaby it doesn't fit when gluing back together

    but you're cpu would fit

    what can I say
    I know what you mean
    I was nervous enough handling my CPU

    but with taking some time it's quite manageable
    even the first time around

    the biggest difficulty is only how to apply high end liquid metal paste

    I think I saw some posts (maybe only 1) describing using AS5 instead of liquid
    the drop was not that impressive
    I think 8 degrees

    he replaced it with liquid metal and got the usual 20 degrees

    but sure I understand

    that 6800 is sure an investment

    I'm not sure how much of an improvement a custom loop over an AiO would net you

    the build quality on AiO coolers isn't lacking compared to a custom loop
    maybe another 4 or 5 degrees?
    but even amongst custom cpu blocks there's amongst difference in that range

    sure would look nicer though
    doing the graphics cards as well
  10. Peter2k

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    Apr 25, 2016

    I've "settled" on 5.2 Ghz, with a cache ratio of 48, and OC'ed my RAM, as Kyle found out that higher clocks on the RAM is detrimental to your overclock in a way

    so I found some headroom when it comes to voltage, still wanting new RAM that also is rated higher than 3200 on my current OC


    that's fine temps and voltage (1.376) for 5.2 Ghz and memory frequency, I'll take them :D
    no AVX offset was used

    5.3 needs 1.44v to be stable in RealBench
    5.4 crashes at Desktop with 1.48v

    there's no benefit of 100Mhz for that much voltage (and temps rise to 80 degrees again too)