Java Applet: File output


Aug 19, 2004
Hello, I'm (voluntarily) creating a web page for a friend who runs a small business (he doesn't really know much about computing). He basically just wants a website that he can display images on; but the problem is that he wants to be able to add/remove these images without going into the HTML and making changes (ie. he knows how to upload images onto the webspace, but wouldn't know what to do in order to format and add them to his image gallery).

I don't know very much about internet scripting languages, but I feel that I have a fairly strong grounding in Java and I am confident that I could create a Java program (with an Applet frontend) that could use file output to write the necessary HTML tags to his webpage so that the image that he wants would appear. This way he could make the changes while his web page is uploaded and would only have to upload his image and type in the image name as input for my applet.

My question is that: Would a web hoster allow me to use a program to write data to files via file output while the file is uploaded on their server? (afterall, for security reasons, I can understand why a hoster wouldn't want me uploading programs capable of file output )

Please forgive my lack of knowledge about web hosters. I'm simply assuming that all of his content will be uploaded into a given directory on one of their servers (including my Applet) and I just want to be able to use that applet to write data (or, more particularly; append data ) to his html document.
Some hosting companies might provide shell access, at which point you could SCP the java application up and run it..but you might just look into using something like gallery2 as it'll provide a bit more flexibility. There's also coppermine, if you want to try a second option.