Jail Time For Zynga Poker Hacker

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Dec 31, 1969
What kind of idiot steals $12M in virtual poker chips from Zynga and then gets caught selling them on Facebook? Something tells me prison is not going to be very easy on this guy. :eek:

A British computer hacker who stole 400bn virtual gaming chips from an international gaming company has been jailed for two years. Ashley Mitchell, 29, broke into the Zynga mainframe, stole the identity of two employees and transferred chips said to be worth more than £7m to himself.

i never get stuff like this. You're clever enough to hack into a commercial system yet leave a very obvious trail back to yourself.
Remember that "$12M in virtual chips" is 3 bytes on a server somewhere.

I should set up a server that's easy to hack, and sell virtual chips that are $20 each. No one will buy them, but when $75T are "stolen" to pay for the Lime Wire case, I can cash in and retire with a lawsuit!