Is this GPU Artifacting


Jan 16, 2003
Pretty sure it is but it's been a very long time since I've had that as a problem (overdoing an OC on a Radeon probably) but I've had this come up on windows desktop a couple of times and wondering what the cause is. Basically get black squares all over the screen.

GPU Artifact.png

Sorry for potato like phone pic. It refreshes away pretty quick and haven't got a screen shot. Got a relatively clean install, can't reliably reproduce. Card is just on standard power profile and CPU just has normal increase in power allocation etc for dynamic overclock.

Not had any problems with card since new except for a bit of coil whine on some games, just thought I'd check.

GPU: EVga 3090 XC3 Ultra
Monitor LG 39GL950

Other specs, can't see it being relevant but just in case someone asks.
CPU: Threadripper 3960x
Mobo: Asus Zenith II Extreme Alpha.
RAM: G.Skill 4*32GB (F4-3600C18Q-128GVK)
GPU2: Leadtek P1000
SSD1: Intel 905p 380GB m.2
SSD2: Samsung 960 1TB m.2
SSD3: Samsung 870 8TB SATA
PSU: Bequiet Dark Power Pro 1200W
Cooling: Custom Water (Optimus CPU and EKWB GPU and 2*360 rad)
Kinda looks like an atari game like pong. I'd say yes. Shoot for power supply first.