Iphone music help

Apr 14, 2006
Does anyone know a free an non 3rd party app that is able to take the mp3's from my current iphone and put them on a desktop PC? Long story short i lost the PC with the the itunes on it where the mp3s were located, so the only way i can recover the mp3's is from the iphone. I can make a backup but i am unable to locate the mp3's. Thank you for any an all input. An if it comes down to must having a 3rd party app can someone recommend one to me.

Check this out. This is the most comprehensive list of programs/apps that could help you. Not all of them are free, or fully functional with the free version, but hopefully this is at least a start. You might have a little luck just by following the directions above the list - but only if your mp3s were purchased from iTunes in the past. If you have any that you imported from somewhere else into your iTunes library, you will need to try one or more of the listed third-party programs.
Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
I just dont understand why they make things so difficult. I ended up spending money on a 3d party software. i recently got the new 13pro max an i cant even get half of my music to sync to the device an some of the mp3s that did sync it changed half of the info about the songs "ie i put some rap music on there an its saying that its being performed by trace akins, which is a country singer!" I am beyond pissed i feel like they make is difficult so you will give in an just buy all your music from them.
How much did you end up paying? With a paid program you should have been able to get all of the mp3s back. You might have to correct the mp3 attributes (artist, song title, etc.) manually, but sometimes they update on their own over the internet. I would recommend doing this via Windows Media Player.
I would strongly suggest you create a backup of not only your iTunes library, but also any mp3s that you have downloaded and imported into iTunes. If by chance you have old CDs that you rip, back those up as well, it will save time in the future if something goes wrong again. I know a few people who still have hundreds of CDs so these days it isn't unheard of.
What I think Apple really should do is get rid of iTunes altogether. They got rid of it for Mac devices and it was a great change. I remember having countless problems with the library getting lost, corrupted, mismatched, etc. They need to take their new Apple Music app and build a new program for Windows based on that.
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