iPhone 12 Pro max - parts of screen often unresponsive


Dec 13, 2003
Hey friends,

My iphone 12 pro max has had a problem for a couple months and it is getting worse.

In any type of use; games, typing, home screen. The lower half of the screen in unresponsive to my touch. Cleaned screen constantly. no case or cover. no visible damage. Was never underwater but maybe have gotten wet in rain once or twice.

Now i can barely use that part of the screen because it detects my touch then loses it constantly per second.

Is there any way to recalibrate the touch screen or do you think I will have to open it up and find a ribbon cable that might be out partially?

I do not have phone insurance. It is through AT&T.

Any help are greatly appreciated!


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Sep 24, 2001
This isn't something that can be fixed by "calibration". There is a layer of the screen that handles all of the touch on the display. In short, it is very likely damaged to one degree or another.

Your best option is going to be making a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store and taking it in to have them diagnose it for you (this is free). Then after they diagnose it, you could choose to have them repair it for you or you could choose to get it repaired elsewhere.

Without seeing the issue, I'm going to guess it will require an entire screen replacement. But you don't want to just go and get that done without know for sure that that is what you need to do. I'd recommend doing it through Apple, just because the genuine part will always be better than a third party one. Both in terms of quality of the display itself, but then also the electronics that drive it, such as the capacitive layer that you're currently having a problem with.

EDIT: Depending on your cleaning methods and whether or not you're using solvents, that could've been the culprit. I learned my lesson through an iPhone 5 (years ago obviously). Over cleaning of the lock switch allowed liquids to get inbetween the screen layers (seeing dirt in there drove me nuts, still does). The newer iPhones have better IP ratings, but you should know that those ratings are "resistance" ratings, they don't make them "water proof". If you're really cleaning a lot, over time you will be wearing at the seals of the phone.
In your case, it might be from overcleaning the areas on the bottom of the phone: the mics and speakers as well as lightning port.

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