InWin 301 Fan Test

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  1. Revenant_Knight

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    Nov 18, 2011
    I decided to do a little testing on my InWin 301 today.

    The heat generating portion of the setup is as follows:

    5820K at 4.5GHZ at 1.3V

    EVGA GeForce 980TI at 1400+ mhz with Nvidia blower cooler set to Quiet.

    Asrock X99 Fatality Killer MATX board.

    For CPU cooling I'm using a Corsair H100V2 swapped with Corsair Red LED ML120 fans. The fan curve is set to quiet and the pump to quiet as well. I used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut for thermal grease.

    For case fans I have 2 ML120 Fans as bottom intakes set to quiet in the BIOS, and 1 ML120 as exhaust under the PSU.

    For heat generation, I played 64 Player BF1 conquest with an uncapped frame rate, at 1440P Ultra for one hour each time, to allow for heat soak. In between the tests, I allowed the computer to turn off for an hour.

    Test 1:

    I set the fans up as InWin suggested. The bottom fans were intakes. The rear fan was exhaust. The front mounted H100 was set to exhaust as well. The design of the case is such that the H100 exhaust has to make a 90 degree right turn to exit the case, through restrictive hex shaped vents. The results were a disaster.

    By the 45 minute point of play, my package temp registered a max temp of 100C. Core 2, my hot core, also hit 100C with Core 3 at 97C, and Core 4 at 98C. The system also thermal throttled.

    Moreover, the trapped hot air made the case itself legitimately hot to the touch, and got my HD up to 49C.

    Test 2:

    Test 2 is basically test 1, but without the side panel on to allow the system more intake airflow. This did lower CPU temps a bit. Package temps hit 94C, and my hot core hit 95C. The system still throttled, though by far less. However, this did not improve HD temps, nor did it stop the case from getting hot to the touch. The hot air was still trapped by the 90 degree turn.

    Test 3:

    I set the fans up such that the front mounted H100 pulled cold air in from the previously mentioned hex vents. Basically, opposite of what InWin suggested. CPU temps plummeted. I saw a max of 75C while playing BF1, and the HD temp also decreased by nearly 10C.

    Bottom line: If you're running the InWin 301, make sure you're front mounts are used as intakes and not exhaust.

    Side note: The H100V2 had stiff hoses which made it a bit difficult to work with in this case.
  2. KazeoHin

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    Sep 7, 2011
    I always build my 301 systems with the front fans as intakes. The design allows for a decent enough amount of airflow,
  3. Revenant_Knight

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    Nov 18, 2011
    I had them running as intakes prior to the test.

    The only issue I have now is that the VRMs get so hot that it triggers my PSU to go full fan speed.