interesting question for everybody

May 11, 2005
Just a funny thought...

Who thinks that the retraction of [H]ardOCP's recommendation for the Neo-4 Platinum SLI as "Must Have Hardware" should be enough for retailers such as Newegg to accept as a basis for RMA's? I believe the power of [H]ardOCP would enable this and allow me to return my board for an ABIT or ASUS.

In learning of the retraction, my board has just lost a little luster, as it used to be glowing in the affirmation that it was the best board out there, bar none. It's still a great board I think. I don't do any overclocking though, so the only issue I've had with it so far is getting the digital audio out to work. Oh well.

Let me know if I have too much time on my hands, dreaming these things up...