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    I've been using an MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 for probably 15+ years now. I probably repurchased three and warranty replaced about as many through MS. My current one has had a wonky scroll wheel (it would just decide to scroll on it's own one tick sometimes) and started taking "click and hold" and "click specified number of times" to mean "hold randomly; maybe click again one or more times unexpectedly" and "click some random number of times" last night. It does this on other machines, the mouse is borked.

    I've always loved the Back and Forward thumb buttons on the IE3.0 and kind of wished it had the tilt wheel functionality a lot of newer mice have.

    Anyone else used an IE3.0 for a long period of time and replaced it with something they found to be way better? The IE3.0 was no longer available as a replacement so MS offered these alternatives:
    My PC doesn't have Bluetooth, but I could buy a dongle if necessary. But I don't really want wireless anyway. I'm sure wireless mice have improved over the ~50ms laggy ones I used years ago, but I don't want to charge my mouse, have to turn it on or off, or use batteries.

    I requested the wired Comfort Mouse 4500 since it has five buttons (even if one of them is on the wrong side), but I'd appreciate some suggestions.

    I sampled some at Microcenter and Best Buy, what little either place had available as demonstration units, and didn't like a Steel Series one with two thumb buttons AT ALL. They took way too much force to press. The Razer Elite I liked the feel of the thumb buttons, but it didn't have a scroll wheel. It was also kind of pricey. The Razor Chroma had a tilt wheel, but I didn't think the thumb buttons were great, and I think it was on the large side of things for me.

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