Intel orders Via to stop making CPUs


Nov 5, 2005
Intel doesn't control the world. Next they will ask AMD to do the same but AMD has 6 companies backing them up makes AMD worth about 60 billion. Then IBM, all IBM would say um... no how about we buy you out because your only worth 10billion and we are 80billion. IBM rules the processing world nobody else. Intel can not touch anybody. They don't have the money even with apple they would only be 20 or 30 billion. They still can't touch anybody. :rolleyes:

Wild Weasel

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Apr 6, 2004
GIANT CPU maker Intel is pressuring smaller rival Via Technologies to exit the CPU market, industry sources in Taiwan claim.

In exchange, Intel will allow Via to continue making PC chipsets which use Intel's patented technology, say the sources at PC mainboard manufacturers, who do not wish to be named.

Intel and Via offices had not replied to a request for comment by the end of business hours in Taipei. The two companies typically will not comment on negotiations while they are in progress.

Via earns the bulk of its revenue from chipsets, but its CPUs are generating growing profits. The tiny, cheap CPUs have increasingly been adopted by designers of products like handheld PCs, low-cost notebooks, media servers and other applications where low cost, noise, heat and power consumption are strong selling points. Via's CPUs have begun to take orders from Intel in these niche markets. Via has recorded operating profits of $22.5 million in the first nine months of the year, compared to an $18 million loss last year.

This is just a clip of the article, but via using patent technology from intel would be a factor in the squabble.


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Oct 22, 2003
Wild Weasel said:
This is just a clip of the article, but via using patent technology from intel would be a factor in the squabble.
Christ, they're talking about Intel's bus license. They're not saying VIA is using anything in their CPUs that "belongs" to Intel. If they had then, clearly, Intel wouldn't be offering up their chipsets like that.

What it's saying is that if VIA doesn't do this then they won't be able to make mobos for Intel CPUs. This is like MS saying Linux uses MS technology in it's.... oh wait.


Mar 12, 2006
Basically, Intel is losing its low-power CPU market share to Via. Via is currently making more money on their motherboards than processors; however, they are booming with the CarPC movement and the such. It is going to be funny when Via pulls an AMD and becomes very competitive with Intel in the low-power end. I just hope the extra revenue off the CPUs gives Via enough R&D funds to get the ball rolling.