Intel Delivers New Enterprise SSDs

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    To meet the growing storage needs of the data center and cloud computing, Intel today announced the latest addition to its data center family of solid-state drives (SSD) at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York, the IntelĀ® SSD DC S3500 Series. The DC S3500 Series is ideal for read-intensive applications such as Web hosting, cloud computing and data center virtualization. Data centers can save significant costs by replacing traditional hard disk drives (HDD) and moving toward an all-SSD storage model. Additional information about the Intel SSD DC S3500 Series is available here. Tune in Wednesday, June 12, 9 AM ET, for a livecast of Intel corporate VP Rob Crooke’s Cloud Computing Expo keynote address about the state of storage in cloud computing and data centers.
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    If you're wondering about prices, they'll be between $1.22 to $1.44 per GB for capacities of 80GB ($115) to 800GB ($1000); the 480GB version should be around $640. That's less than half the price of the DC S3700 series, as far as I can tell from current amazon prices.
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    The 3700 series has a much higher write endurance rating.