Intel Auburndale Engineering Sample

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    While I myself do not need such (no coin nor way to test either, not need of in first place)

    IMHO sure there must be an enterprising collector of sorts that are like "oh hell yeh, I want that for ...."

    If I see someone mention as such I will pass absolutely pass along word, that much I can do.



    total side track, so not read beyond this, thanks ^.^


    well cool shit that is huh !
    (nice find, likely exceedingly rare for something that was only "few made as feelers"

    nifty really what unreleased things are out there, (story of many .com/recent sales bubble
    tech companies) now we are left with handful in closed markets
    keeping price all kinds of fubar)

    APU we now "use" is not at all how pimped they are capable of, likely cost so much higher than space
    on shelf available (boards, drivers etc)
    and slamming them both into same CPU has many of it's own issues.

    chiplets ugly cousins twice removed LOL.


    now only if we take all of these old ass chips sync them some mega breadboard redneck
    contraption from electronics/computer engineers ummm fantasy hell?
    that would kick ass [H] style
    (some serious voltage tuning among other things)

    PS3 "supercomputer" did such (as had countless others over the decades)

    was thinking "key chain or necklace" though that looks like would be best off
    custom formed into one of those triple finger "pimp ring" that you see now and then
    (2-3 fingers, "knucks")
    or for that matter into some seriously pimping tech beat down
    "silicon knucks"

    silicon being tough asf when formed like these are (epoxied bare die) ..
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    Oct 3, 2007
    The only thing interesting about this product was the dual packaging, one housing the CPU the other the GPU. From what I gathered at the time this was to compete directly against AMD's Fusion.

    But after they canned this Intel went with all in the same die approach. It probably saved them power in the end. I can't imagine the GPU in this thing performing that great anyway.
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    Feb 13, 2006
    I'm tempted to buy it just because I live in a town called Auburndale. :D
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