Intel 955x question.


Limp Gawd
Jun 7, 2005
I am using a P4 660 with the new Intel 955 board. I plan to upgrade to dual core in the future, as this board allows that. I have two questions:

1.) I have 2gigs of Mushkin DDR533 ram now. Let's say I upgraded to a dual core CPU, could I just overclock this ram to work at DDR667 or would I have to buy new sticks for it to work at this speed? Likewise, will DDR533 work with dual core processors?

2.) I have not seen much about the Intel roadmap. Chipsets usually last one year or so, so what do you speculate would be the last dual core CPU to be released on the i955 before a new chipset is introduced? Perhaps a 3.73 dual core?