Intel 5775c : Still a beast!


Sep 7, 2017
Anandtech did a retro review of Broadwell desktop CPUs.

These CPUs were made famous by being the first Intel CPU to use 14nm tech and having an on board edram, though Intel did not produce in large quantities.

Although the igpu was great for the time, it is mostly hit or miss today. What did blow me away is how well it performed with a dedicated gpu. It often beat the 6700k and even the R5 3600! 😮

It really makes you wonder what this CPU would be capable of with 6 or more cores, a more mature 14nm for higher clocks, and/or DDR4 memory.

Nothing much to discuss. Just impressed is all.


Oct 11, 2004
I was always eyeing this chip for my main Z97 / 4790k rig before going to a 9700k..

In the mean time, I have also always wondered if Intel will surprise the market with adding EDRAM to their line up as somewhat of a counter measure to AMD if they get too much in the lead, even if it was for just onboard video, or the boost to gaming. I think it would be a perfect time for Intel to consider this to counter the AMD 5XXX series (with large on die cache) without massive chip redesign.. I think the only possible hesitation for intel is the additional expense, but that has never stopped big companies from shooting themselves in the foot so to speak.. obviously, the EDRAM would also have to have much faster throughput these days too...
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