Infuriating motherboard/PSU problem


Apr 5, 2005
Had a PSU failure recently (exploded). I RMA'ed it (enermax noisetaker 600w) and got a new Noisetaker II. I hooked it up and it wouldn't fully power up my motherboard (DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR). Got standby LEDs, but hitting the power switch would only make it power up for a split second. The new PSU tested OK on an older machine, so I decided to RMA the board too.

It finally got repaired and returned after over 2 weeks, but when I hooked it up it was the same problem - still only powered up a split second. I decided to try taking the 350w CWT PSU from the older machine - lo and behold, it powers up the Lanparty (despite only having a 20-pin ATX connector). The new enermax PSU still powers up the old machine (ECS K7S5A) but doesn't like the DFI board at all.

What the hell's going on here?

Is it possible that the DFI board got some kind of fault from the first PSU failure which could caus some kind of damage to the new PSU? I have emailed DFI's tech support to try and find out what repairs were done to the board, might shed some light...

Rabid Badger

Mar 9, 2006
It is possible that there is a compatibility issue. Some Asus boards don't get along with Antec power supplies, maybe you're experiencing something similar. Anyhow, I'd get my money back and pick up one from a less hit-and-miss brand.


King of Charts
Feb 21, 2006
It sounds like a short circuit. Pull the board from the case, put it on a table, and boot it with just the basics: PSU, Mobo, One video card, CPU.