Incorrect BIOS refresh rate?


Sep 25, 2005
When I first turn on my computer, the display remains black with tearing until my desktop is actually shown. I'm almost certain this is due to the wrong refresh rate being chosen as I have an LCD running at 60 Hertz. I don't often reboot my computer and usually when I do, I walk out of the room not paying attention to what it is doing. I have no idea then, as to what may have caused this behavior to start, but I do know it used to work just fine and dandy. I've done some preliminary Googling but most of my finds are dealing with the desktop refresh rate.

mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P
card: Asus EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512M

I do have a CRT I can use to poke around with, but I'm almost certain there is nothing in the bios concerning this problem.

I appreciate any advice as to what may be causing this and how I might go about fixing it.


Oct 22, 2003
My first thought was the boot order in the BIOS for graphics adaptors. I've never seen what happens if you have the wrong device set to initialize first but then I looked up your mobo and saw that it doesn't have integrated graphics so this isn't likely the problem. Then I thought that your LCD could be doing some strange input auto-detect and not realizing it has a signal until Windows is actually up and running.

I see your card has two DVI outputs. Personally I'd try moving the cable from one to the other. It may be that only one interface is initialized during BOOT and the other is initialized after the Windows driver stack is loaded.

I'm not sure about refresh rate of the monitor during POST and boot. As far as I know these processes use very generic drivers and can't be manipulated to display different refresh rates.

Good luck


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Sep 13, 2008
it could also be the ROM in the LCD monitor.. if you are on vista.. vista forces ATI cat drivers to read from the ROM inside the LCD.. if its setup incorrectly with the wrong refresh rates it can cause this.. nothing you can really do about it.. but id check with the CRT just in case.. if it doesnt do it with the CRT then thats problem it right there..

theres a few monitors out there that have screwed up rom's.. for example one of dells 24" displays has a default resolution of 2560x1600 set in the ROM so with vista and ATI drivers its forced to use that resolution which the display cant show so it wont turn on.. one of the many stupid things in vista..