Ideas wanted - Lian Li PC-V358


Limp Gawd
Jul 25, 2006
I have an old Lian Li mATX cube case that I am thinking about dusting off and putting to use again. I had it running an ESXi server with an ITX industrial motherboard but I moved that to another case so this has been sitting around.

I bought it second-hand and apparently it had been used in some sort of machining capacity as the top of the case has been modified and had some bracketry to hold SSDs and PCI-e risers. The modifications were perfect (clearly done by professionals) but now I may want to use this in my office. I either want to clean up the work that had been done, or just move it along and buy myself a small case for my ITX setup. It has a tons of space for a full size ATX PSU, 3 3.5 " HDDs, a couple of SSDs, a bunch of fans, and probably some space for a radiator or 2 (or 3?).

So far, I am thinking of 3D printing some low profile filler pieces and just plug the holes or going further and somehow slot out the rest of the top for fans or radiators. The most costly idea would be bring it to a machine shop, have them fill in all the holes, regrind it and have that part powder coated some color.

Here is the [H] thread when it was released. The youtube video works but the Lian Li page is long gone (2013).

This is the top (which is a single piece that wraps to the front) as well as an inside shot.

So, any ideas?


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