I need your help..


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 17, 2000
I was not sure where else to turn but this makes sense to ask in here. PC's are a huge hobby for me.. the other is Car audio Sound Quality competitions. Every little bit helps in the chain that creates the system. I am now using a Raspberry pi as my source audio. I am picking up an ifi Idac2 to use as my DAC which after doing some testing with other DAC's can make a massive improvement in sound quality. My issue is power driving the ifi idac2. I'm not 100% sure the Rpi can drive it on its own.

What I need is a cable or device that separates power from signal.. so my Rpi can send clean signal in ... and I can use some other device to apply power for the ifi dac2. I have found USB power isolated heads for USB 2.0 cables but not 3.0 A which this is. Thanks for any help!