I need opinions


Jan 30, 2005
My pc is pretty good it does what i need it to but i'm thinking about selling it all i really want it for is playing world of warcraft and i think its a bit overkill for the game cept video card wise.

I was just wondering if i should sell my system and what kind of money you think i could get for it.

Supermicro X5DAL-G
2 x Intel® Xeon 3.06Ghz processors w/ Hyperthreading
533Mhz FSB
512Kb L2 cache
1Mb L3 cache
Intel® E7505 Chipset
Onboard Gigabyte Lan
2Gb Pc2100 266Mhz Ram
Nivida Fx 5600XT 256Mb ddr ram
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Coolermaster CoolDrive4
1 x 40Gb western digital harddrive
1 x 80Gb western digital harddrive
LG 52x24x52 Cdrw drive (painted red)
Antec slk1650 case
120mm fan in back
80mm antec tricolor lef fan on side
80mm antec tricolor led fan on front
front usb headers
Antec True 550w power Supply (24pin atx)
The only thing i'd remove if i sold it is the 80gb hd because that has my entire music collection on it.

If i did this itd leave me with a p4 1.8 Ghz with 1gb of rambus to use instead

i never really use the thing anymore and if it could get me a nice chunk of change i'd sell it but i'm not really sure what i could get for it. the parts arnt even that old 2 months.

Video card - 1 year old
Sound card - 2 years old
burner - 6 months old
taken them from other systems in my house.


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 11, 2004
lots of the guys here including me use newegg.com as a reference to pricing. try pricewatch, pricegrabber, ebay to see how much they are worth and start your pricing from there.


Jan 30, 2005
aye i thought of that, but when i posted that i had just gotten off work and was tired got some rest and now im bout to.

anyone got a tool that can tell ya the memory info in windows, i dont feel like restarting it right now to find out dling shizna from a boys ftp and its 70% done.

all i remember is it is kingston and i think it may be valueram but i dont remember and i know im gonna end up opening it up to find out.

Well after looking for the cheapest prices for things i couldnt find on new egg
the total if you were to buy all these parts not including shipping would be