i keep losing my internet connection


Jan 31, 2004
Ok. I have dsl. its connected through a router. I am runnin winXP. often i lose my internet connection and i would have to restart my computer to get it back. THE WEIRD THING IS- is that the connection doesn't go out completely. It keeps the all the previous connections that it made before it went out(like kazaa,dc++,aol instant messenger, or any other program that uses the net. But when it goes out it just won't let me make any new connections(like opening webpages, or starting new downloads). This is a new problem for me. I haven't seen anything like this. An internet connection the partially goes out. Does anybody have any advice of what i could try to fix it? (instead of restarting the computer every time)
Check your network connection settings, it sounds like theres a problem with one of your settings. It also could be a problem with the router communicating with the modem. Contact your DSL provider and ask them to test the lines.
Yeah I agree with afirawker. My Roadrunner does that sometimes, became better when I played around with my router's settings. Now it might do that 2 a month.