I hope this hasn't already been done.


Apr 29, 2005
This is my first HTPC. I wanted it to blend seamlessy with the rest of my home theater. When it is in the rack, nobody realizes it's a pc. I have to pull the cover just to prove it. My only regret is not having room for a cd-rom. I can map one from my main rig, so I guess it's no big deal. It's specs follow:

Athlon 3000+ stock speed
Gigabyte 7NNXP Pro
2x512 PC2700 cas2 (mix-matched so I don't run them in dual-channel)
200gig WD Hdd
Albatron FX5900PV w/ VIVO

All this on a 35" RCA via S-Video (wicked gaming!!)
I also wired the front panel with a temperature display and made the pc remotely powered on and off.




I have enjoyed browsing this forum for a while now. I thought I would contribute my project as well.
I hate to say it, but I have no idea how to insert my images into my post. I feel pretty dumb. I looked up the help, but I don't understand the syntax. Sorry. Any help is appreciated.
First off, you have to have your images hosted somewhere. If you require a host, check FLECOM's uploader list: http://www.FLECOM.net/[H]OCP/upload.html

Once they are up, reference them with the img vB tags:

[img ]http://www.imagehost.com/yourimagehere.jpg[/img]
Thank you, PS-ragE. First time hosting a pic. Now i really sound like a noob huh?
nice mod! you did a really nice clean job on it!

good work! you should post this in the case modding gallery too
Pretty trick. Is Technics a Japanese subsidary of a bigger company, or what? I used to have a full component system from them.
Now that is slick! Awesome job!

You could always use a USB CD drive.

Technics is part of Panasonic, which is part of Matsushita. Love their stuff, excellent quality for low price.
Thanks, all. I do have a Lite-On usb drive attatched now. Technics is indeed made by Matsushita who is also the maker of Panasonic and Quasar products. This is the first generation mod of this type for me. Soon I hope to find a more accomodating a/v case that will afford me more room. I'd like to find a cd changer case so that I can modify the existing cd hardware to be my cd rom. That would make it complete for me. Btw, what are some good TIVO progs that I could use?
What'cha mean by TiVo progs? Like to emulate TiVo's functions on a PC, or good hacks for real TiVos?

If the latter, I'm hacking my 5th TiVo right now...might be able to help.
Yes, pc emulation of a TiVo. I have a VIVO card, so I'd like to be able to record from my dish network. I can do it manually, but a program to organize and view them would simplify it consideraby.
SageTV, mediaportal, Beyond TV, GotAllMedia. I use sage, but for the sake of equality I threw in the others.
nylint said:
Pretty trick. Is Technics a Japanese subsidary of a bigger company, or what? I used to have a full component system from them.

Technics is subsidiary to Panasonic even though Technics is an older brand. I belive smetime around 1932. Panasonic wasn't invented until after WWII since a) they thought Americans couldn't say Matsushita and b) anti-japaneese sentament was high at the time. Introducing a Japanese name would never have sold