I have a (second) display whose native resolution is 1920 x 360 that I would like to use in Windows 10, help?


Mar 26, 2020
Hi all, mostly tech competent here but I can't find an answer to this.

I have two displays running Windows 10.

1) Acer B346C running at 2560 x 1080 on HDMI which works perfectly.

2) Bluefin 24" with a native resolution of 1920 x 360 on HDMI (it is 24" diagonal, but 5" in height), however, Windows does not offer me a 1920 x 360 resolution choice. There does not seem to be a specific driver for this display, and Windows does not recognize the make or model.

Additionally, when I go into the adapter properties, and then display properties, and "show all modes", that resolution isn't offered either.

I have dual Radeon R7 360s, however, when I attempt to create a custom resolution for display #2, the most recent version of AMD Catalyst software says "the custom resolution settings are not compatible with this display".

I've used CRU (custom resolution utility) found on a site about testing monitors. I'm being purposely vague about this site as I don't want my question removed for plugging a specific website.

My end goal with this display is to be the top of an arcade/MAME cabinet which changes its marquee based on the game being played. That will EVENTUALLY be done using a Raspberry Pi, but, I'm more familiar with forcing a resolution in Ubuntu/Linux. I just want this attached to Windows 10 for now while I make banner artwork for various games, and as a stock ticker or something else while it is attached to Windows 10.

Does anyone have any guidance on making this work in Windows 10?

(I should note, the display DOES work, but looks awful/doesn't fit because I'm forced to select a resolution that isn't meant for the display.)


Aug 21, 2018
This may sound odd, but have you tried addressing it at 1920x1080, and restricting your content to the first (or maybe last) 360 vertical pixels? Those things seem to be designed to be chained together to create a full image across 3 units...just a thought...


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Oct 7, 2000


Mar 22, 2020
I have dealt with this before and sadly there is no real fix, what you can try is setting the monitor in portrait mode or get a new monitor