I finally retired my original SideWinder


Limp Gawd
Jul 16, 2005
I've been using one of the orginal 15-pin Microsoft SideWinder game pads for about as long as I can remember (at least since before the turn of the century ;)). Well my birthday just passed and I decided to splurge. Among other things I bought myself a corded XBox 360 controller. It was like moving froma P3 to an Athlon 64, the difference between night and day. It's just beautiful, I played NFS:MW and it's beautiful, just beautiful. I can't wait to tryouf BF2 vehicles. I have to give microsoft props for actually taking the lead on this one and actually giving their controllers the USB header from the get-go. Atleast their console department has its head in the right place. I downloaded custom drivers for the controller which, among other things, turned on the rumble pads. Mmmm, gaming goodness on the PC with a gamepad, a presence that I haven't felt since...
Perhaps I've missed all that Logitech and Gravis have done since the days of the original SideWinder, but this controller is it and I can definitely see other games that it can be adapted to (Spinter Cell anyone?). Anywhoo those are my 2 cents on a brilliant innovation on the computer gamepad front.


Apr 13, 2005
I got the x360 controller for my PC as well and it rocks. It's well worth the cash imo. enjoy it :D