HP MediaSmart EX495 Hardware RAID

Rabid Badger

Mar 9, 2006
I don't know if anyone around here is still using one of these, but I've been tinkering with one a coworker gave me and managed to put together a new BIOS image that enables the RAID controller on the ICH9R southbridge. The option ROM I used has been modified for full SSD support, including TRIM for RAID 0 arrays. Here's a screenshot from the Intel RST console:

In order to get it to fit I had to get rid of the PXE option ROM, the logos and any processor microcode packages that weren't for the CPU I put in.

If anyone is interested, let me know what CPU you're running and I can put an image together that will support it. I should also be able to put one together for the EX487 as well since it has the same chipset.
Good day!
If possible, please send me a modified BIOS.
Or write down briefly how I can do it myself.