How to open the DLite1800 from TOWiLD.

The Mad Atheist

Mar 9, 2018
For people that have the skills to spot weld and replace lithium cells.......
Bought a DLite1800 for cycling, but wasn't a fan of non replaceable batteries, so I decided to see how to open this puppy up since TOWiLD said the battery wasn't replaceable.
1. Pull out front lens. Lens has a top and bottom clip, but was able to pry from both sides to remove it from the body.
2. Unscrew the four screws from the LED housing.
3. Push from the USB C port to slide the PBC and battery out of the housing. The PBC is mounted on rails inside of the housing.
4. Battery cell is soldered to PBC.
Reverse order to put light back together, but apply some thermal compound to the back-sides and sides of the aluminum heatsink to make a better contact to the light's body before putting the LED board in and screwing it down.