[HOW-TO] Downgrade ASUS P8P67 REV 3.0 Deluxe Bios (maybe entire P8X67 series?)

Aug 14, 2011

Before we start with this tutorial, here are a few disclaimers:
  • I assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or problems that may occur by consequence of following this tutorial
  • You should make your own independent evaluation before following the steps below, and only really follow them as a last resort.
  • This tutorial is NOT for the faint of heart. If any problems occur, the consequence will be, in most cases, a DEAD MOTHERBOARD.
  • These steps have only been tested with the P8P67 Deluxe REV. 3.0 Motherboard from ASUS. There is a possibility these steps could also work for other P8X67 boards and even for other UEFI boards (all boards that use BUPDATER on DOS), but I cannot guarantee it will work on any of them

Neccessary Files

  • Install Asus AI Suite. Chose which modules you want installed, but make SURE "Asus Update" is selected. Reboot if asked to.
  • Create a folder on your desktop called DOWNGRADE
  • Extract the Bios files to this folder
  • Inside the AMIFLASH zip, navigate to the folder "amiflash\aptio" Inside you'll see AFUWIN32 and AFUWIN64. Extract the one which matches your OS architecture [very important!!!] to the DOWNGRADE folder


  • Open AFUWINXX (XX is your OS Architecture, 32 or 64 bits).


    Follow the software's instructions and close all open Applications

  • This is what you'll see when it loads.


    You can see it recognizes the bios characteristics

  • Next, click OPEN and choose the Bios ROM file. In this example, I chose 0804



  • If you go back to the INFORMATION tab, you can also see the characteristics of the chosen file



  • Now, go back to the SETUP tab and click the PROGRAM ALL BLOCKS check box. Don't change anything but that.



  • Now, click FLASH. Do not panic if your mouse and keyboard become unresponsive, your computer is NOT FROZEN (at least it shouldn't be), so just BE PATIENT. That's how the software works. Now, the software will flash NVRAM, BootBlock, Main Bios Image and the Non-critical Blocks. It will, however, FAIL to verify the Non-Critical Blocks section. ONLY that section will fail. All of the others will verify normally. Again, DO NOT PANIC. At this point, just click OK and then EXIT the software.


    Don't panic, click OK and Exit.

  • Now, load Asus AI Suite and choose Asus Update. Click Update BIOS from file and click NEXT.



  • Now, choose the SAME BIOS FILE YOU USED IN AFUWIN. In my case, that's 0804


    This step is more like a failsafe step than anything else.

  • Once it succeeds, say YES and reboot your computer.


  • After you reboot, you'll see the version currently flashed to your board.. In my case, that's 0804


That's it! Now just clear your CMOS, and then Load Setup Defaults.
You should now have a fully functional downgraded Asus UEFI Board.

Please post your experiences.

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Thanks very much for this.

I've just 'updated' my Z68-V Pro board using this method. I followed your steps and it worked nicely:

- Before starting I went to BIOS and set it to defaults, then I set RAM to 1.5v and setup RAID.
- Booted into Windows and rebooted again. It shutdown the computer during this reboot.
- I then ran through the steps listed here. Using this program, I went from BIOS 0902 to 0706 which took approx. 105 seconds all up.
- As it 'fails', I just used AI SUITE to update to it like you showed.

Afterwards, I set everything back to defaults and did another normal AI SUITE update to the BIOS I wanted, 0801.

Thanks again.
Unless I'm mistaken you can simply choose which Bios version you want from Asus site, download and extract, load the Rom onto a USB drive, boot to bios and quick flash and bang your done.
I think I bricked my mobo.

I forced downgraded my BIOS (P8Z68-V LE) 3702 to 0805 using AFUWIN64.

I removed the CMOS battery and cleared the CMOS. My mobo still fails to boot. Am I screwed?
Yeap I think you're the 2nd guy (maybe 3rd?) I've read trying to downgrade from 3xxx and now has problems in the past few days.

Wouldn't use this method anymore (too late for you I know..).
Yeap I think you're the 2nd guy (maybe 3rd?) I've read trying to downgrade from 3xxx and now has problems in the past few days.

Wouldn't use this method anymore (too late for you I know..).


I just downgraded my P8Z68V PRO following this guide from 3203 to 1101 because my 5GHz oc was unstable with the new version and downgrading with asus update failed because of the changes from v0xxx/1xxx to v3xxx

I really wish asus had made it clear in the release notes that you cannot revert back to an older bios after updating to the latest one; this is the first board that failed to revert back even when flashing from DOS with the force switch
Thank you Asrock for having nearly bullet proof bios.

This week alone I went from 1.10 to 1.20 back to 1.10 then to beta 2.01 then to beta 2.03.
Wanted to downgrade from just release BIOS to the immediately previous one. ASUS won't let you do it with EzFlash OR AI Update (and I read somewhere that the ASUS DOS utility doesn't let you either). Tried the above method. The machine booted with the old bios number, but it was weird, I could not set multipliers in the BIOS. I then flashed back to the BIOS that I started this fiasco with the usual ASUS tool with and the motherboard was bricked. I don't flippin believe the incredible incompetence of ASUS. First, they give you no way to go back to the previous BIOS which is idiotic and then their incompetently coded utilities (or maybe AMI's) don't even verify that the WHOLE flash ROM is in an consistent state at the end of the flashing process. Had to purchased replacement BIOS online...
I'm new here - so please don't flame me....

but what is the benefit to downgrading your motherboard firmware?
I need to downgrade my bios from 3402 to 902 but i encounter the following issue : impossible to load any other bios in AFUWIN than mine i saved in my hard drive. I downloaded several bios from asus site and same isssue.

Does anybody has an idea ?

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