How temporarily disable an .exe?


Aug 29, 2001
Here's the deal...I have a server that is running ncomputing boxes (dumb terminals) on a production floor. We are using MS access as the interface for the work people are doing. The Access database we have gets updated regularly (because I think the programmer who made it see it as a way to keep his job LOL) and I need to push up the new DB to the users on the ncomputing box to a folder with their user name on the server.

The issue is that if Access is opened up, the batch file I run can't update the Access DB and they start getting errors down the road if they aren't on the latest version.

I can kill Access using task kill command, but that doesn't stop the users from reopening it on their terminals after I do that. I need something where I can stop the access.exe from being run for a few minutes while I run the batch file to update the folders.


[H]F Junkie
Feb 6, 2006
rename the .exe to .exe.temp, use task kill, then do your stuff. Then rename the .exe.temp back to .exe
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