How many dead/stuck pixels does your 2001fp have?


Apr 20, 2002
Originally posted by Ramfart
Its not so hard calling Dell getting a replacement sent and you shipping old one back. A couple emails and you open door 2 times for Fedex.

That's all well and good if somebody's at home to wait for the Fedex guy to show up. Or if you can have it picked up where you work. But when both people are away from home cause they go to work and your company doesn't allow personal packages to be brought to work because of security requirements, it's a pain in the ass.

Only other option is to drop it off at a Fedex office, which is still a pain in the ass.

I'd pay an extra $50 or $100 to get a 100% good display the first time and avoid all that hassle.

It's a bother even having the thing shipped out in the first place, cause you have to take a day off work just to sit around and wait for it to be delivered, or take a chance on the guy leaving it on the doorstep and hoping nobody steals it before you get home.

In this case, it would be nice if Dell had some retail stores in bigger cities, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of them being mail order only and saving money.
Originally posted by AUDSCOTT
I must one lucky bastard...I'm setting in low light conditions using my month old 2001FP with no dead or stuck pixles or cumstains. :D

I set back from my screen - I've had large displays for several years, which have always ran at 1600 X 1200, so I'm used to it....screendooring is not an issue for me.

I should change my online name to "lucky bastard scott" :D

you are lucky bastard :D. all 4 2001FP i tried, all have cumstains. not really noticable when watching widescreen movie/tv.