How do you guys move your WC setups?


Feb 7, 2003
I'm thinking about building a watercooled setup into my antec clone chieftec case. I have pretty much everything planned and I plan on mounting a dual 120mm heater core into the top of the case but I have to move back to college in 3 months. I plan on using a res and would think that to move the computer in the car it would be best to empty the setup or am I wrong? Is it safe to move full of water?

This is very important because I'm about to give up and stick to air but my new prescott is just so hot.

Thanks guys.
Don't give up yet! As long as you have a res filling and bleeding isn't *too* difficult. But yeah, I would definitely recommend emptying the system or taking it out of your comp before transporting it.
How does the whole filling and bleeding process go? Its one thing that the basic tuts say is easier with a res but never really goes into how to do it. Thanks ahead of time.
If you have a sealed reservoir, moved the comp with cooling loop filled isn't a big deal. I do that regularly for LAN parties. My res is a 2" PVC pipe about 8" long. The bottom is sealed with an endcap that has a barb for the outlet, the inlet is about 2/3 of the way up, the top has cap that can to screwed on/off. Its mounted on the back of the case with hose barbs sticking into the case.

If your cooling loop is at or near the top of your loop filling is realy easy. I just take the cap off and pour in water til its filled (water will run down the tubes into the pump, rad, etc). Turn the pump on, the remain air in the lines and rad get pushed into the res, top it off a bit, all done. Takes maybe 5 minutes total.
ok, thanks. So if I have a decent res and decent clamps it should be no big deal?

What does it take to "bleed" the system then? or does it not matter since the extra air stays in the res?
Yeah, if everything is solidly mounted and sealed, moving is no big deal.

Reservoirs are cool cause you don't need to put any work into bleeding the air out, it just collects in the res (as long as the res is full enough and designed well, an emply or poorly made res will let air get sucked back into the loop). With a high flow pump, all the air can be cleared out in the first couple minutes. A smaller pump may take a half hour to push all the bubbles around (big bubbles move slower, and slower flow won't break them up into little bubbles).

T-lines are where bleeding sucks. The smaller bubble can take a long time to collect the T-line, and you have to check more often since it holds less 'reserve' water.
You do have to be careful when you are moving your watercooling system, as they are more fragile because of how many parts are involved. The last thing you want is a pump banging around and destroying your motherboard or whatever part you hold most dear. For one, make sure everything is attached really well, meaning screws or some really good velcro. If you want to be overly cautious, drain the system, but really, after leak testing your system just moving it a little shouldn't cause and tubing to blow up or anything.
Ive taken mine to a few lans, and have never removed the water. Its always been fine. I dont see the need of removing the water at all.
so the only time you would ever need to drain the system really then is if I wanted to add another block or is there an easier way to do that to? Because I plan on starting out with just a cpu cooling setup to get started and then get a block for my 9800 pro later but if its a big hassle I may just get both blocks now.
well i havent had to move mine yet, but if i had to move it , escpecially in a car, i would let the pumps run for a few minutes to bleed the air out again before i powered it on. also i wouldnt tip it on its side at all
hold firmly

pick up

place in car

secure in back seat's footwell

dont hit anything :p

seriously i have worried about it before but ive never had a problem.
Thanks so far guys.

So what about the installing a gpu block in a working system question? How do you go about doing this?
you don't need to worry about anything while moving it. I move mine regularly to lan parties, have had it flown through baggage across the country, etc. with water in it and nothing has ever happened.

I do remove the water about every month and a half or two though. Just to clean out the system and use fresh water.