How do you fund your fold?


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May 4, 2001
How do you fund your fold?
I'm limited to stealing beer money. And that's for O'Douls.
I've got one borg worth about 100ppd with a son. The rest are excess cycles at home.
I'd like to start doing some GIS work that would require a stable of quads to flip bits when a job comes in. And fold like the dickens when I'm waiting.

Now I know there are a lot of dedicated peeps going to the poor house heating their domiciles with quads.

But has anyone found a legitimate "nice" way to fund the fold?
Such as :
Renting cycles to a rendering farm?
Searching for oil in Vermont?

It could give a tax break.

May 10, 2006
Random thought- Start a business, let's say a business you need lots of computers
but they have lots of spare cycles to fold. Web design comes to mind.
Build a farm, as a business expense, start up costs. Now you are going to have to make some money at this business, to pay yourself and expenses, but not trying to turn
much of a profit after all expenses are taken out. Then write off the computer equipment
and electricity. This could be a part time business run out of the house or say dedicated
room in the house, so you could write that off too. Wishful thinking but hmmm maybe..