How Close is TOO Close?


Limp Gawd
Mar 2, 2012
Hey everyone.

I need some advice and help here, because I'm totally clueless right now, stumped.

I have a Kenwood home theater that has 2 floor standing full range speakers. They're 3ft tall, 13" wide, and have an 8" low, 4" mid and tweeter from bottom to top. There is also a self powered/amp'd 8" 150w sub.

The desk I want to use is 39" wide. Basically, I want to have the floor speakers on either side of the desk, I have another long desk, that I'm going to run length wise on the other side of the left speaker for the wife to have her comp in an L shape. This desk will add 2ft from the left side of the left speaker to my wall.

I want to have my computer on that small 2ft chunk of desk, Now, the sub will be in that corner under the desk. It will have my sub from my Logitech 5500 on top of it, which is shielded, so that should be fine.

What I'm worried about is is my computer going to be TOO close to the left speaker? I've never used unshielded speakers close to a computer, and I'm worried that the maybe 1ft distance from the biggest speaker/magnet would be too close?

I can draw it up for people if my explanation is unclear. I really have no idea how to word this to make a good visual.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated guys.

Take care.


Jun 21, 2011
Even though 1 feet may be ok, if they're so close it may be so easy for them to touch by accident (during cleaning etc) . I wouldn't put them so close.